There are over six million people who are disabled in Ethiopia, representing 7.6% of the total population. The underlying causes of physical disability are frequently misunderstood in Ethiopia, often thought of as a curse from God. As a result access to education is almost impossible and rejection by family and society is common. A lack of adequate healthcare also means that mobility aids are not widely available - those who are unable to walk unassisted have no choice but to crawl.

Cheshire Services has a widespread network of medical facilities that work at the heart of communities to treat orthopedic disabilities and help the community remove the social stigma associated with disability through social rehabilitation services. Cheshire Services is constantly expanding its operations to meet the ever demanding patient needs.

Menagesha Rehabilitation Centre

The Menagesha Rehabilitation Centre continues to be the flagship of Cheshire Services Ethiopia. It is the largest rehabilitation centre and is continually adapting to changing needs.

Professionals provide quality orthopedic and social rehabilitation to up to 70 residential children and an increasing number of outpatients. Many of the people that visit the centre are victims of polio paralysis. The centre supplies a comprehensive range of treatments including walking aids, artificial limbs, physiotherapy, counseling and social rehabilitation as well as education facilities and recreational activities for the children.

Menagesha rehabilitation centre
Menagesha rehabilitation centre

Cheshire Services Outpatients

The Cheshire Services Outpatients department offers orthopedic treatment to young people and adults as well as a counseling service to help patients overcome social and physical barriers they may face due to their disability.

Customised prosthetic limbs, walking aids and wheelchairs are prescribed to patients on an individual basis. This makes a lasting difference on an individuals life.

Cheshire Services Orthopedic Workshop

All prosthetic limbs, walking aids and customised shoes are made on site by talented craftsmen. With the workshop working so closely with the patients we are able to produce products of the highest quality in minimal time and and with minimal cost.

By training our own staff rather than outsourcing the manufacture of these products we are investing in Ethiopia's future.

Menagesha rehabilitation centre

Regional Centres

Cheshire Services has many regional outreach centres that deal with the needs of disabled people near to their home. Currently centres are located in Awassa, Dire Dawa and Harar which are constantly expanding to meet the needs of the people in their respective areas.

If it is not possible to treat a disability at a regional centre the patient is often admitted to the rehabilitation centre in Menagesha.


Due to the size and nature of the Ethiopian landscape it may not be possible for people with disabilities to reach one of the regional centres. The outreach program travels directly to the heart of more than 20 rural and distant communities to provide orthopedic treatment and diagnosis benefiting approximately 4000 children. The program has two main aims:

Assessment - New cases can be assessed and rehabilitation materials can be issued on the spot. This is also how many children gain access to the residential facilities at Menagesha.

Ongoing Rehabilitation - When children have undergone residential rehabilitation it is vital that they do not regress into their former state of immobility. The Outreach Team visits these children in their own regions every six months to monitor their level of care and to ensure that they are receiving an appropriate level of education.

Menagesha rehabilitation centre
Community Based Rehabilitation Program

Community Based Rehabilitation

The Community Based Rehabilitation Program brings together disabled persons, parents and rehabilitation workers to improve the lives of children with developmental, physical and sensory disorders. Skills for essential daily activities such as proper positioning, feeding, bathing and dressing are provided. Other services include mobility orientation for the visually impaired, sign language for hearing impaired and simple exercise therapy.